March 1989 - December 1990

at the Banco Lariano spa as a spot trader in the forex market, a Market Maker on the lira and the use of Swaps , forwards and options for the customers.

January 1991-July 1992

at the Banque San Paolo Paris sa (Istituto San Paolo Torino) as a trader on the Lira and the French Franc (market maker in the spot market).

July 1992 – March 1993

at the Banco Lariano Milano as a spot trader on all the currencies in the Ems (the Snake the European Monetary) and the use of derivative contracts for the customers. The development of knowledge of technical analysis with the system Tradermade.

March 1993 – January 1995

at Swiss Bank Corporation Zurich as a spot Market maker on the lira (in charge of quotations on the interbank market).

January 1995 – April 1995

in Swiss Bank Corporation in Lugano As head cambista of the Centre of Excellence created in order to centralize the flow of currency in Lira of the Institute in switzerland.

April 1995 – August 1996

In Swiss Bank Corporation Geneva as head cambista of the Centre of Excellence Lit (moved from Lugano to Geneva in order to centralize The flows of exchange of the Institute for the Lira and the French Franc).

August 1996 – May 1998

In Swiss Bank Corporation Warburg Dillon Read in London, initially as a spot trader on the lira, and later as the head cambista of the Desk of foreign exchange, Sme and emerging markets with 8 traders under my direct responsibility).

January 2004 – September 2009

President and co-founder of Salex spa, a company dedicated to the provision of brokerage services and management in the forex trading market.

October 2009 to present

Today Trader by profession and partner of Trading & Relax s.r.l., company dedicated to online trading in the FOREX market, advice and training in the foreign exchange market.

Education and training

1982 Diploma di maturità scientifica San Donato Milanese
1997/1998 University – Political Science Milano - Matr. 293763
18 exams passed (last 5 exams suspended for work)
Degree of bachelor of Science Degree in finance with a specialization in technical analysis of financial markets which is obtained at ISFOA-Free and Private International University.

Spoken languages

English and French at a professional level of the Slovak spoken at the school level

The Nineties

In these years, in addition to specialized in the market of the spot market (rates were for any amount to be requested by the customers).
I have developed knowledge of the derivatives market as a trader positioning for the Institute, Options (vanilla and exotic), as well as direct knowledge of the currencies tied to countries with emerging economies (carry trades)

Courses and conferences

1991-1997 Investments to the annual Conference of AIOTE, ASSOBAT and FOREX
1993 Forex International to Copenhagen
1994 - 1998 Annual courses of technical Analysis held at the Sbc wdr.
1999 The course “Global Asset Allocation” at Bocconi University Milan
2002 The speaker at the third edition of the Conference “Fibonacci and his numbers,” with a speech entitled “practical Applications of the Fibonacci numbers in the forex market”
2005 The speaker at the Conference Aiti “The macroeconomic outlook for 2005”
2005 The speaker at the Meeting Cdo Alto Milanese “The companies and the Currency risk”
2007 Speaker in the meeting “Friends of the Bag” with the presentation of the currency market and methods of trading discretionary
2007 - 2009 Speaker at the Italian Trading Forum in Trading Library and Trader link and the presentation of “Approaches to the input of the low-risk policy and Money Management”
2007 Speaker with Trading Library in the monthly meetings held in different Italian cities and the presentation of the Methodologies of the trading and hedging of exchange rate risk Salex
2008 He was a speaker at Ancona, at the faculty of economics "Giorgio Fuà' Dr. ssa Lucarelli - 'Methods of trading in the foreign exchange market'
2008 - 2009 The speaker in Pisa at the department of economics "E. Giannessi' Dr. Bellandi - 'Methods of trading in the foreign exchange market'
2008 - 2009 - 2010 Speaker at “Tradando”, in Forlì and the presentation of “New methods of trading discretionary” (Trading live and operations in real-time)
2006 - 2013 Speaker at the “Italian Trading Forum” in RIMINI and the presentation of the “methods of trading” – “Trading live” discretionary” (Trading live and operations in real-time)
2005 - 2013 The speaker in “TOL Expo” at the MILAN Stock exchange and the presentation of the “methods of trading discretionary” (Trading live and operations in real-time)
2008 - 2013 Speaker at “Taranto Finanza Forum”, in Taranto (on live Trading and operations in real-time) discretionary” (Trading live and operations in real-time)
2009 - 2013 Consultant ASSOCOMAPLAST Milan - consultancy for companies in the plastics sector “currency risk”
2013 Money EXPO Prague (live Trading and operations in real-time)
2014 Guest Speaker for IG-Markets/ FXCM/ Activetrades/ Directa SIM

Television participations

Fixed guest (2 investments per month) to Bloomberg Television Italia as an expert on the foreign exchange market to the transmission “Between America and Europe” - 2008

Regular guest (weekly) to Cfn Cnbc (Class Financial Network) as an expert on the foreign exchange market to the transmission of “Economic Compass” - 2008
Telephone interviews weekly CNBC from 2009 to present

Contributions editorial

Borsa & Finanza
Milano Finanza
Finanza e Mercati
Trade Magazine

Sports and hobbies

the Swimming : 5° Italian Championship Relay race 4*100 Mixed fraction (butterfly) at the Italian championships in Youth (Trophy Seven Hills – Rome), 1976

the Italian Record of swimming long distance in a short swimming pool (58 Km in 20 hours in a row)(1986)

Player of the water Polo Series B (Snam San Donato Milanese)(1980 – 1990)

Golf: hcp 14,2


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