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All video courses (except those in webinars) are valid for 3 months, after which the video courses expire and it will no longer be possible to access them.


13 hours through 30 video-lessons

Lecturer: Umberto Mennini

This course is aimed at all those who wish to acquire solid macroeconomic foundations to face the markets.

The course explores a whole series of macroeconomic concepts, with particular attention to the monetary policy of central banks, the real long-term market mover.

We will use equations, graphs, models and macroeconomic theories (IS-LM, AS-AD, PPP etc.) trying to understand, in practice, how central banks, through the use of these economic models, influence prices in the foreign exchange market and how knowledge of these models can give us an advantage in our trading. In this course will also be presented a part relating to public finances and fiscal policies, with a focus on current macroeconomic situations in the world.

The course has a total duration of 13 hours, divided into 30 video-lessons.

Price: 729.00 EUR



€ 729


5 hours of 16 video-lessons

Lecturer: Saverio Berlinzani

It is the course dedicated to all the traders, newbies or not, who want to deepen professional trading on the foreign exchange market.

The course ranges from topics useful to understand the basics of the foreign exchange market, including its history or the concept of leverage, to topics gradually more complex such as currency conversions or correlations present within the market, finally arriving at the detailed explanation of Saverio Berlinzani's 'S' methodologies.

€ 976