We offer solutions adapted to all types of traders, discretionary
or systematic, with a single objective:
The economic and professional growth of our customers

Trading LIVE

The Saveforex Chat

it's a simple, written chat that supports the Webinar, in which you can directly observe Saverio's operations and in which the markets are analyzed from a technical and macroeconomic point of view. It is a generic advice on the trend of the currency market, for all traders, newbies and not

Saveforex Webinar

is a platform where you can hear Saverio's voice as well as see his desktop where the analysis of the foreign exchange market is presented in real time. It's a real trading school!


Fully automated systems

They are fully automated systems, suitable for the trader who wants to optimize his own trading, without needing to observe graphs continuously. These are trading systems (software) that are installed directly within the user's MT4 platform, and that are born to work 24 hours a day.

Semi-automatic systems and tools

They are semi-automated systems, where it comes market entry discretion left to the user, while money management and the position sizing is automated. Or, tools that help the trader in his daily operations.

Assistance and LIVE trading

The trader who chooses to enter SAVEFOREX he will never be alone. Our Team monitors constantly our trading systems and provides to update them continuously. Also, to subscribers chats and webinars the opportunity to observe is reserved directly as Saverio Berlinzani uses i trading systems and to know their secrets.

Trading Academy

Morning Briefing

Find your way through the markets every day the morning briefing by Saverio Berlinzani. News, institutional views, macroeconomic analyzes e much more.

Saveforex courses

About 16 hours of online video courses, including:
  • Basic FX course
  • FX Hedging Course (Advanced)
  • Macroeconomics course


  • 01/05/2019 - Saveforex è lieta di annunciare la nuova collaborazione con ICE MARKET PARTNERS LLP. La
    nuova partnership è mirata alla produzione e vendita di expert advisors (software) per la clientela retail ed
    istituzionale, all'interno del territorio italiano


The TRADER often feels alone, and in front of the graphs he has to decide whether to sell or buy, often in perfect solitude.
Saveforex is a COMMUNITY of TRADERS in the currency market, born in 2009, from an idea of ​​Saverio Berlinzani, who, thanks to his many years of experience in the foreign exchange market, knew the difficulties d those who start operating in the financial markets in the absence of support. Saveforex was therefore created to meet certain needs such as:

  • Trade with the help of expert traders and not alone
  • Share the PASSION with other people working in this sector!
  • Broaden the vision of the market
  • In the chat, news is posted in real time, daily morning briefings and ideas can be shared in a special section
  • Improve your training
  • You will be able to acquire in-depth information through COURSES and through the daily operations shown in the chat
  • Controlling emotions
  • The goal of this community, led by Saverio and his collaborators, is to maintain one's psychological capital in the medium and long term, and to face the erratic movements of the financial markets, in particular the foreign exchange market, with serenity and tranquillity.
  • Have a guide
There is the possibility for subscribers to check Saverio's operations in real time. SAVEFOREX it's a WINNING COMMUNITY for those who trade in the foreign exchange market! Come with us and PARTICIPATE You too.

As works

Live trading sessions with the SAVEFOREX team can be followed through the chat and the webinar (gotomeeting platform, no software needs to be installed, access is direct from the reserved area) You will be able to take advantage of a free trial period of one week, at the end of which if you want to keep access to the service, you will have to subscribe. To access the chat and the webinar we ask you to REGISTER. You will receive the access codes for the chat and the webinar by email.

Forex Community

This site was created with the intention of disseminating trading in the foreign exchange market, to do this we have created a WEBINAR and a CHAT to share IN REAL TIME in OPEN MARKETS our way of operating in FOREX, from morning to night.


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