BA V.8.0 is an algorithm (trading system) designed by Saverio Berlinzani and Umberto Mennini, for the currency market (FX).

This latest version, developed after the Covid-19 crisis, is very different from the previous ones. In fact, upon the occurrence of the Covid-19 pandemic, Saveforex realized that the previous versions did not comply with some precise safety standards (especially due to the absolutely anomalous situation that occurred on the markets). For this reason, the need arose to build a less volatile system in terms of drawdown, less profitable in terms of percentage gain on invested capital, but unequivocally safer than previous versions and capable of managing anomalous events, never occurred before on the markets, such as Covid-19.

First, the strategy uses only 4 exchange rates against the previous 15, for easier management of positions in particularly critical situations on the markets. The choice of exchange rates was directed towards the less volatile ones, since it is a contrarian strategy, taking into account the different correlations and different behaviors of the currency pairs during the risk-off / risk-on phases on the markets.

Secondly, the leverage has been reduced: around 66% of the original leverage of the previous version.

The results in the following PDF file are customizable, maintaining the same gain / drawdown ratio, depending on the personal risk appetite of each individual user.

The results in the following PDF file are the result of a quantitative analysis carried out with the MatLab software, in backtest, from January 2010 to July 2020 (Covid-19 crisis included).

It is not possible to use the software with an available capital of less than EUR 50,000 (50,000).

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